Finding Sunshine

At the risk of sounding cliche I am looking to display the positivity and beauty in life we often overlook.


I’m tired today. What a busy and intense week.

Well, crap.

Today went downhill fast :( First my fun plans fall thru then assassins on the ride home. I need to get away! :(


I still can’t quite believe I’m engaged. It’s kind of fun planning a wedding. And I’m so in love it’s rather absurd. He’s been even more awesome to me since we got engaged…:)

Hopefully I will get my ring back (and FINALLY properly sized this time) tomorrow after work! :)

Canada still enjoys their payphones.
Not today..

Not today..

Interestingly I forgot to set my alarm last night…luckily I am TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP FOR LONG!!!


How is it that this chick repeatedly lets us run out of the most important supplies and it’s cool?  Why oh why is that OK???  Any other place I’ve worked, you let MV50s run out, you’re fired! Period.  End of story.  WTF.  You’ve allowed the MV50s to run out AND the contracts!?  (AND you’ve done this NUMEROUS times!!) Where does that leave us?!  (no, really…where ?!) 


Wow nothing like getting called on your day off to be yelled at for fixing a problem that no one else cared to fix. I’m seriously hating my job right now. How rude to call me on my day off!

Always a fight

Sometimes I just feel like I’ve made all the wrong choices. Today is one of those days… it makes me feel completely depressed and want to vanish.

The Mugshot

I just saw a photo of that murderer. He’s not much too younger than I. I studied the photo, trying to find tells of such hatred but aside looking frazzled or even crazy; one could not see it to gaze upon him that he would be one capable of something SO heinous. To look at him with judgemental eyes how could one ever have imagined what he had planned? An unsettling world. My heart goes out to the families of those lost; may they somehow find peace.